Miss C – Bridal Boudoir

A sports fan as gorgeous as this girl?! Who wouldn’t want to marry her! So excited for your upcoming wedding, Miss C….you are going to make a stunning bride!



Miss S – Love and Lace – San Diego Bridal Boudoir

Boudoir for brides is one of my favorite things to photograph. Grooms love it and a glowing bride is always gorgeous. This session was no exception. Miss S, have an incredible destination wedding, I can’t wait to hear all about it!



Classic curves, creamy skin and some rockin shoes – Palm Springs boudoir photographer

Boudoir is not just for engaged brides!  This lovely lady is going to surprise her husband with these super sexy photos.  I had so much fun at her session.  She has amazing sexy curves and rocked it!!




The art of the female body …… New York, New York Ballerina Boudoir! Temecula Boduoir studio

I get this question ALL the time … do you photograph nudity? The answer is yes. In fact I do it all the time. But like with all my boudoir photography – Tasteful is the key word. Just like the beautiful sculptures of Michelangelo , the human body is a art form in itself.  Its purpose for us women is to celebrate the amazingness that it is capable of .. pregnancy, birth, and all the other aspects that being a women is something that we should be proud of!  Let me be VERY clear here … Boudoir photography should NEVER be anything less than beautiful. EVER.

So while I have had endless clients that have given me permission to share there nude images, I have remained hesitant. Unsure of fear of judgement from those who don’t understand or appreciate the nude human body I have held back.  Then I had the opportunity to photograph Lisette. She is a professional model and ballerina. And she is nude – well allllll the time. And I realized that my hesitation was my own issue, not everyone else’s.

I hope you love these pieces of art as much as I do!











































































































A french inspired boudoir session, Temecula boudoir

Several years ago I went to France. and while I liked Paris, what I really LOVED was visiting versailles palace . It was like walking through a time machine, I could envision Marie Antoinette living there, I could feel the opulence and glamor that is so classically french.

Where am I going with this? Well my boudoir client contacted me to do a session for her husband – who is French. She also has beautiful curly hair (just like Marie Antoinette) and I knew that I wanted the direction of our shoot to be reminiscent of the feeling I had when I first walked through the Versailles palace. I wanted that feeling not just because I love it, but because I knew her husband would connect with her pictures in more ways than one – it would remind him a bit of home.

I know we nailed it because when she received her album and images she sent me this:

“So when I got home today I literally ran to the mail box and guess what was there…….my pics!!!!!! 🙂 I gave them to my husband immediately they were wrapped so beautifully! I let him open it….. to say he loves them is an understatement! I can’t believe how awesome they came out! I could not have been happier! I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!”

I could go on and on about this client because quite frankly I now consider her a friend, and I loved her love story, and I loved spending the day with her – but I think I should let the images tell the story better than my words ….

to my french hottie – THANK YOU for such a beautiful day!



Accidentaly in love, my passion for boudoir photography!

Accidently in love best describes my passion for boudoir photography. let me explan. Boudoir was never my plan. In truth boudoir was more like something I stumbled in to. A friend of mine and fellow photographer shared with me some boudoir images she had done while we were both at a photography convention – and I was totally inspired. It was like a giant lightbulb went off in my head – I knew this was something I had to try out. After lots of research and practice I gave it a go – and had my first “official session” and like my addiction to handbags, I was hooked.

For the greater part of my adult life, fashion was my career. So every time I pick up my camera, plan a session or edit a photo – fashion is always in my mind. Boudoir was like this instant way for me to tap into the couture images that swim in my head all day long , and create this unique world of magazine fashion meets lingerie.

And like every unexpected gift, came the many unexpected surprises that have meant so much. Boudoir is personal. It creates this instant relationship with my clients of gratitude. Gratitude? Well, first of all they are trusting me and bearing all for someone they don’t know. That trust I am grateful for.  Then there are the laughs. And trust me when you are spending a few hours in lingerie and with a camera, we have many laughs. For that I am thankful for. And then there are the relationships.  Getting to know my clients, and find out who they are doing this personal gift for, and why they have stretch marks (the birth of the first baby) or how they met the significant other that the pictures are for … it forms a instant friendship.

So to fully embrace this passion of mine I have created a website devoted exclusively to it.  I hope you take some time to check out the images I love so much.

You can also visit my main site Allie Lindsey Photography to view everything else about life that deserves the moment frozen in time.

I look forward to meeting you!



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