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Give the gift of sexy this valentines day, and receive a gift of love from Tina Steinberg Designs!

If your giving the gift of sexy to the one you love this February, then why not get a gift in return?

If you follow my blogs, then you know how much I am a fan of Tina Steinberg Designs are her beautiful custom and original keepsake jewelry. I am not the only one who is a fan, she has everyone from housewives to celebrites flocking to collect her inspiration jewelry. Tina and I have teamed up and brought to you a very special and exclusive package (only a few sessions available) where you will recieve a original charm bracelet with the charm “cherised” as part of your boudoir package.

Spots are VERY limited and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis – because Tina can only create so fast 😉  If you are interested in taking advantage of this, please contact me to inquire about pricing and availability.

See you soon!


A boudoir love fest, reason’s to book a session- Temecula Boudoir studio

Whenever I finish a boudoir session and send it on it’s way , I hold my breath. I wait ever so patiently (often times forgetting to breath in the process) until I get the email or the phone call from my client that lets me know it arrived and they loved there pictures. I am a perfectionist and I want nothing more than to know that my clients loved the entire experience – from the session, the empowerment that comes from the session, the images , there album and of course the reaction from the person they did the sexy gift for.

Today was one of those days when I received two emails from a client’s that made me feel so great  that it just reaffirms how much I love what I do and how much I love to have happy clients. So I wanted to share with you just a few words of  what they said:

“Hi Allie! HE LOVED IT!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your incredibly beautiful artwork!!”

“AMAZING!! I love it, I love it, and did I mention I love it? And yes! The hubby loves it too. He loves it sooo much that he thinks he can carry my album everywhere like a brag book and shows his buddies and boss”

If you have ever thought of doing a boudoir session I know you have lots of choices for photographer’s , but I am so honored and HUMBLED that you would choose me. Because boudoir for me is not a job, it is in fact as the client above said – art. I want you to feel and look classy, couture, magazine worthy, proud to show everyone you know because you look so great beautiful. If you curious about what a experience with me is like, check out what my past clients have said here.

I hope to meet you soon!



A sexy lesson in how to be thankful for your body, Temecula boudoir session

This session was one of my most memorable boudoir sessions of the year, because of the reason this client did it. She did not do the session for her husband (although it was a added bonus I am sure) she did this session because several years ago she almost did not survive childbirth, and she learned that our bodies and all there imperfections are truly miraculous and that we should be grateful for the very breath we take.  I always want to know why someone does a boudoir session (because contrary to popular belief with the men out there – it isn’t all about you) and when she shared that story with me it nearly took my breath away.  It was in fact a eye opener to me to realize what a extraordinary gift that is that women do survive childbirth, and that in many places some still don’t.

During our session I could not help but feel instantly connected to this amazing women, and her very awesome sense of humor. She has a way with words and literally makes me laugh out loud when I read her emails, really cant think of a better way to spend the day than with someone like that!

To my perfectly HILIARIOUS and grateful client, you really have a friend in me forever. Dont stop sending me those funny emails, your daily dose of humor and your view on the world is one that I look forward to every time I hear it 🙂



Leather & Lace Boudoir Session! Temecula, Ca boudoir studio

This was one of my favorite sessions this year, I loved the diversity of looks we did to surprise her husband! Not only did her looks offer lots of different inspiration for me, but she was so comfortable instantly with the camera that it made for a very fun afternoon! She may be a petite girl, but her legs look like the go for miles, and I am so jealous! This was really a gift for a few reasons actually, not only did she do this for the holidays for her husband but also as a welcome home gift since he just returned from his deployment. I am sure he will be more than excited to open this box!

To my leather and lace lovely- thank you so much for being so much fun to photograph AND for our new friendship!!



Boudoir for a bride to be! Temecula, ca Boudoir Studio

Had a amazing session today with a sexy bride-to- be!  A small sneak peak!



A million thank you’s wrapped up in a million more … Temecula boudoir studio

A year of boudoir sessions has almost come and gone (only a few more booked sessions left for 2010) and I cant help but look back and share with you where this journey has taken me.

Boudoir has changed my life.  Not a statement I take lightly.

To be passionate about photography is just part of it, to be passionate about helping women feel amazing and discover there beauty is empowering. It makes me feel good to see others feel so good too.  I know how blessed I am that I am thankful for my job, thankful for the passion I have for my career, thankful for the amazing women I get to meet because of it.

I have done sessions for single girls, engaged girls, newlywed girls, new mothers, expectant mothers, grandmothers – all shapes, all sizes, all with beautiful stories to tell about what brought them my way. The gifts for men on deployment, the woman who almost died during childbirth and did this to celebrate her body surviving, the women who was tired of “hiding” behind her imperfect body and decided instead to embrace it – and every single story and reason was humbling. Humbling because all of these women trusted me with some of there greatest insecurities, and I promise you I realize that and held that trust very gently in my hands.

I am so very THANKFUL, if thankful is even enough to describe how I feel – really the words that come to mind are endless.

If you had a session with me this year, YOU impacted my life just as much as I may have impacted yours. YOU made me jump out of bed in the morning when I was exhausted from a late night of editing because I was excited to photograph your session, YOU inspired me. A million thank you’s to all of my clients for a very unforgettable year!



Leather me up, Temecula boudoir session sneak peak!

Its ok your jealous, so am I 🙂



Pin- up + Sultry = one sexy sneak peak! Temecula boudoir studio

My session yesterday was full of sexy with a  dash of pin-up , a perfect recipe in my opinion 🙂 Full blog post coming soon!



Boudoir – Un – Masked!Temecula, ca boudoir studio

So I got the idea while looking for new props for my boudoir clients. I figured ” I can make that” so I tried. And if I do say so myself – it came out awesome! Today I had a client get to test drive my new mask – and if you ask me  – she looks ridiculously awesome 🙂

Falling in love .. with lingerie? Pin- up Boudoir studio, Temecula ca

I actually love lingerie as much as I love actual clothing. I see it as a way of getting dresses BEFORE I get dressed.  Beautiful lingerie has such a self indulgant feel to it, that it instantly brightens your day knowing you look pretty awesome underneath your clothes. Sometimes it gives me so much confidence I actually wish I could walk around in public and show it off….. sometimes 😉

Of course lingerie for me is a very important part of boudoir photography , so when I find something I LOVE I have to share it with you. Mostly for selfish reasons of course – because I want to photograph you wearing it.  Selfish , selfish Allie!

So What happens when I discovered this line of lingerie? I FREAKED OUT. I mean really freaked out. I HAVE to photograph one of you wearing this line. To intice you to buy it I contacted the owner and she was awesome enough to share with me a special discount for my clients only! Oh yeah – can we say AWESOME! SO if you have a session booked with me and have not yet bought your lingerie – buy this.  IF your thinking about booking a session with me – book it – and buy this!

Fabulous lingerie + a discount + a sexy session? Perfection!



Photography by Maypole Studios

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