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Mr. Postman, bring me a dream… Boudoir Packaging! Temecula,Ca Boudoir Studio

So many client packages are going out today that it deserved a blog post 🙂 In those boxes is loads of sexy just waiting to be unwrapped! Images and albums galore!

Have a sexy day!



Mad Men Boudoir! Temecula, Ca boudoir studio

This session actually started months ago. While meeting with this client at a local Starbucks to discuss something business related to my children’s photography, this client suddenly said ” I want to do a boudoir session with you, but I am nervous. ”  After a brief conversation about what a session with me is like she booked a appt. When the day of the session rolled around I was very excited to finally be able to photograph this client now turned friends boudoir. When her hair and make up were finally done she looked in the mirror AND CRIED. That is how beautiful she felt. And we had not even started shooting yet! Then my camera discovered that she is a timeless beauty, reminiscent of old  Hollywood starlets. When I showed her a few shots she started crying again. I told her no more tears until AFTER you get your session done. So my Mad Men beauty- NOW you have my permission to cry 😉

Mrs. N – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to do this session for you, you are perfect!



Vintage Boudoir, A sneak peak! Temecula boudoir studio

Today I felt empowered because I helped a women realize how  beautiful she is. I am so thankful that photography has such a rewarding influence on myself and other’s!

Lace love! Temecula boudoir studio

First of all this session today was amazing – to say I love everything about this would be a slight understatement – the many lines, the layers of texture all of it I love!

Do you see what I see? A look through my lens ..

Today I saw a women walking, with her head down, obviously self conscious over her looks, fidgeting with her sweater and I thought to myself  ” she is beautiful and I wonder if she knows it” So as I passed her I smiled and I said ” I love your sweater” and she looked up at me surprised at the compliment and she smiled. A real beautiful smile.

When I pick up my camera , you become my muse. That is how I see you. I see all of your fabulous features the things that define you. I see the scars that have a significant meaning to your life, I see your attempts at trying to age gracefully and still feel like that little girl in junior high wanting to be accepted. I see the good in you. I find your best features. I am on a mission to show you exactly how  imperfectly beautiful you are. Imperfection is in fact a very beautiful reality. As women we are our own worst critics, often overlooking the simple things that are so profound – forgetting at times to be simply grateful for our health or our pretty eyes or the fact that we have cute toes – the small parts of our bigger picture.

Tonight before you go to bed – find something about yourself to love. And remind yourself to be grateful for it. And tomorrow when you see that random women who looks like she needs the reminder – compliment her, find something to show her she is noticed and she is just as perfect as she can be.



While you were sleeping … San diego boudoir couples session

I shot this early this morning , much better than sleeping in :)!!!



Corsets and wings, and lots of other pretty things .. Temecula boudoir studio

Just because her husband is overseas does not mean that he cant enjoy his beautiful sexy wife!  A few honoreable mentions about this session:

1. This client has some of my favorite images I have ever shot

2. I have to meet her daughter, I cant even imagine how cute her little girl is after hearing so much about her

3. I loved her reaction when I sent her sneak peak so much that I called my husband ASAP to share what she said.



Edit, shoot, edit , shoot, edit , shoot – my life in boudoir motion :)

When you work from home there is a certain balance to finding the right way to manage your work flow. In photography this is especially important because the bulk of the work does  not take place at the 2 hour session, but AFTER the session is done with the countless hours of editing to complete the images and then design a clients album. I have been wondering where the heck 2010 has gone since I know 2011 will be here ASAP and I realize that a good chunk of the year has passed me by while I was here in front of my computer.  Of course with this being the holiday season the list of clients booking up to try and get there packages done in time to surprise there loved ones with sexy pictures in starting to put me in what I like to describe as a “mini-freak out” mode.

It NEVER fails though that just when I am exhausted from editing and my eyes sting and my wrist hurts that I discover a shot that I love – and that seems to be the new burst of energy that keeps me going….

My shot of energy today? Check this out ……………….

Cowgirl boudoir session, Temecula boudoir studio

These boots were made for walking , and posing in lingerie. And being a part of a boudoir session. and they were also made to be worn sexy.

I think I need those boots …………….



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