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She looks like an Angel, Victoria’s secret san diego boudoir session

True story.

She surprised him with a boudoir gift of sexy pictures, and he surprised her with a engagement ring.

Does not get better than that <3



studio shopping & addicted to texture

Sometimes I can go months without a design kick or should I say a re-design kick biting me.  A few nights ago I woke up out of a dead sleep at 3 am and was hit with this HUGE idea for a redesign of my studio.I tried to go back to sleep but then I spend the rest of the night really imagining different ways of setting it all up. Now it is all I can think about – in fact it is kinda consuming me.

So I am starting on phase one this week. I am not going to give away any details until it is done – but here is just a hint –


Stay tuned ……….



you know it’s a good day when ……..

This happens.

To say I am excited to start editing – is just a SMALL understatement!



Sexy head’s overseas – a military boudoir session Temecula Ca

It started with a email. She was nervous , a tad concerned, did not think she was going to be very photogenic. Then the day of the session she showed up and I had to laugh a little. The fact that anyone who was this beautiful could think they were not photogenic was beyond my comprehension.

Then while she was getting glammed out by my team of artists, I got to hear about her husband who was the reason for the boudoir session.  He is away serving our country and wont be home until sometime in April.  So this little gift hopefully tides him over just a bit 🙂

Then the session starts and I realize the camera LOVES her.  I mean absolutely LOVES her. I start showing her some of the pictures and watch her worry turn into amazement “is that me!” – some of my favorite words to hear.

Today, I met up with her to deliver both her albums. (she loved her pictures so much she ordered two of them!) And I got to watch her face as she went through them – I think I get more excited then the client at this point. I love makeing people feel good and I could see she felt GREAT!

A little over an hour later we finished our coffee date and parted ways, and I realized how much love those albums are really worth. They made me happy, they made her happy and they will certainly make her husaband happy. And that is pretty wonderful!

Wen – You are so awesome. You made me fall in love with boudoir all over again by your shoot.  I can offically say you are a friend. So happy to have met you, and I cant wait to meet the rest of your family! Let’s do coffee again soon!



Guess ad? Guess Model? Guess again … ! Palm Springs boudoir session

Boudoir has many many many versions of interpretation, and in my opinion true boudoir is not just beautiful but classy and editorial and very fashion related. So keeping in mind this theme one of the clients who came out for our boudoir marathon in Palm Springs booked just that – a fashion boudoir session. Notice she shows lots of skin – in a totally fashion worthy way. Of course getting to shoot at Ace Hotel and it’s many cool outdoor settings was a added bonus!

It was not until I had finished editing her pictures that I was able to learn something about this client – she loves the original Guess Ads. And by original I mean when the early 90’s Guess took the world by storm with there semi racy ad campaigns filled with hot models and even hotter clothes. I am sure you would agree with me that she chaneled her inner Guess model – or maybe Guess channeled her 🙂

Thank you so much for a fun FASHION themed boudoir session, you look amazing!



Dear Mr. Drill Sergeant, hurry home! Palm springs military boudoir session

If you ever need proof that Mandy is determined to make her hubby Brian have her on his mind the entire time he is overseas serving our country – well here it is. This is her second boudoir session with me in the last 6 months! I feel like I already know Brian because of how much Mandy talks about him and makes him a permanent presence in her life and her children’s lives even when he is not physically there.  Mandy came out to our palm springs marathon, and of course to say she was the life of the party would be a true understatement. I love her laugh and her infectious excitement, her personality is one that should be bottled and sold  so that everyone can be as awesome as she is.I also got to see her dance moves firsthand when she and the rest of our marathon followed us out for a girls night of dancing – and I can tell you that this girl has MOVES. I am hoping to get a few of her skills to rub off on me 🙂

Mandy, it is really hard for me to even put in to words how much our friendship means to me and I am so excited for the day when I finally get to meet Brian!!



Starbucks meets boudoir? Palm springs boudoir session

This lovely lady was one of the fabulous clients who came out to Palm springs for our boudoir marathon at ACE hotel. She was my second to last session of the day – so I am sure by the time she saw me that I looked a bit of a hot mess. Maybe it was the fact that I looked like a crazy artist that made her trust me, but after confessing to me shortly in to our session how modest she was, she found her groove and totally rocked the sexiness of out her shoot.

Sometimes a boudoir session is a lot like a coffee date at starbucks with a new friend. You introduce yourself, ask questions, learn who this person is and what there story is and by the end of 2 hour coffee date you know a few intimate things that give you a glimpse into this person and leave you wanting to know them more. That is really what happens in a boudoir session too when your with me – only you do it in lingerie and I have camera. Minor detail 😉

Thank you so much for trusting me with your story, your boudoir session and for your new friendship! Next time we talk let’s do it over coffee, this time you can wear clothes 🙂



A french inspired boudoir session, Temecula boudoir

Several years ago I went to France. and while I liked Paris, what I really LOVED was visiting versailles palace . It was like walking through a time machine, I could envision Marie Antoinette living there, I could feel the opulence and glamor that is so classically french.

Where am I going with this? Well my boudoir client contacted me to do a session for her husband – who is French. She also has beautiful curly hair (just like Marie Antoinette) and I knew that I wanted the direction of our shoot to be reminiscent of the feeling I had when I first walked through the Versailles palace. I wanted that feeling not just because I love it, but because I knew her husband would connect with her pictures in more ways than one – it would remind him a bit of home.

I know we nailed it because when she received her album and images she sent me this:

“So when I got home today I literally ran to the mail box and guess what was there…….my pics!!!!!! 🙂 I gave them to my husband immediately they were wrapped so beautifully! I let him open it….. to say he loves them is an understatement! I can’t believe how awesome they came out! I could not have been happier! I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!”

I could go on and on about this client because quite frankly I now consider her a friend, and I loved her love story, and I loved spending the day with her – but I think I should let the images tell the story better than my words ….

to my french hottie – THANK YOU for such a beautiful day!



Couture to Boudoir Marathon at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs!

Let me take you back to the beginning of how this idea came to be. I was on a weekend away with my husband at one of our favorite Palm Springs hotel’s – Ace.  I woke up and the lighting in the room was PERFECT.  To a photographer who lives for perfect back lighting , I immediately told my husband “I have to do a shoot here”.  Then just a few short weeks later a friend and fellow boudoir photographer, Milisa from Behind the bedroom door-  and I were shopping at a flea market for antiques for our studio’s, and we both said “lets do a marathon together!” and then I said “I know just the place”!

We were so humbled to know that clients would follow us out to Palm Springs for our event, but I think everyone would agree it was worth it!

We had custom cupcakes made by Bombshell cupcakes, Cherry lemon martini’s with alcohol infused whip cream, a awesome make-up and hair artists to make you look beautiful and a accessories closet to die for with custom mini tutu’s from Toolaroola.

After we finished with all our sessions 7 hours later – the entire marathon of girls ( and a few added friends) followed us to have a girls night out of dancing!

I want to really say I am totally humbled and grateful  for everyone who was a part of our event, it was something I will never forget!!

I promise to do a full blog post devoted to each of our incredible clients who came along to our event, but in the meantime here are just a few of my favorites so far!



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